Debra Gardner Announces Campaign for House of Delegates

Amid an unprecedented crisis of public health, economic instability, and educational challenges, Debra Gardner announced today that she will be running for the Virginia House of Delegates to represent District 27.

“I’ve lived in Chesterfield County for more than 30 years and have spent my career in state and local government working with our most vulnerable populations,” Ms. Gardner said. “Now more than ever, it’s imperative that we elect leaders that will look to the future, to help build a Commonwealth that is focused on putting people and families first.”

Ms. Gardner has more than three decades’ worth of experience in public service, working with state and local agencies to help ensure that Virginians had access to the resources and programs. Throughout her career, Ms. Gardner has provided leadership in the areas of human services, public safety, and criminal justice. Her passion for helping people led her to her initial career as a social worker and counselor and later to senior executive service. These positions and her other government experience have given her a unique understanding of government operations and fiscal management.

Ms. Gardner is running a campaign focused on providing working families the tools they need to rebuild after the current crisis has passed. She believes that small businesses and middle-class families drive the economy and supports transparency around economic development initiatives. She also supports workers’ rights to fair wages and equitable employment practices and believes that investment in education can develop new pathways to economic mobility. “As our community becomes more diverse, it is imperative that our elected officials meet theneeds of all their constituents, including our elderly, low-income, and at-risk neighbors. I intend to bring my decades of experience in long-term community planning to the state House of Delegates, so that the 27 th District may be represented by someone committed to anticipating their needs and serving people of all socioeconomic backgrounds.”

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